Sunday, October 12, 2008

Be A Star - Deconstructed!!!

I do not have the pleasure of owning one of BrendasBeadsandMore's items, , so I am not able to do a product review, but she was kind enough to walk us through her creative process and the making of her gorgeous 'Be a star - Sterling silver star pendant with multicolored gemstones.' So for the first time ever on this diva's blog, I am offering you a new format - a deconstruction. So here is the artist, in her own words, sharing her process with you!!!


Be A Star

The idea came from a test copy that was being used when setting up new copy machines at the place I used to work at. The Technician had these neat shapes on paper and he let me have a couple copies. I loved the star shape so I modified it a bit. I used 20 gauge sterling silver and hammered the texture onto it and then cut out the shape. This was also the first time I have ever hammered a texture on something. It was fun and noisy. Since I had made most of it at the studio, everyone thought I was making some kind of weapon jewelry at first because my points were super sharp, you know, like the stars a Ninja would throw. (In fact, I am drawing out a line of weapon jewelry now because of that.) I made the sharp points rounded by filing and sanding and then soldered on the bezels and bail. I then set my gemstones. I’m quite proud of this piece because I was able to set all of the stones by myself without any help. Lastly, I polished by hand and added a chain.
~~Thank you so much Brenda, for sharing that with us!!! I think the pendant turned out beautifully. It is absolutely stunning!!!
*Picture courtesy of Brendas Beads and More.

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