Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dead Sea Mud Bar - Review!!!

This week I am reviewing the Dead Sea Mud Bar from Young Soap,

I received my soap just a few days after placing my order from youngsoap. They also sent samples for goodie bags, but everything was in great condition when it arrived - no melting or broken pieces. They included info cards on each scent/type of soap that also do double duty as business cards!!!

Look/Feel of Item Upon Opening:
This soap really does look like a bar of mud, but a nice one at least!!! It's very simple looking, it has a neutral color and a clean scent. This bar comes in a good size, which I was really happy about - They even state in the description that the buyer will get at LEAST 5 ounces. Wow!!!

Look/Feel of Item Upon Use:
This bar uses beautifully. It doesn't dissolve in the shower to half the size you started with, which means that you get to use every bit of the bar that you paid for!!! As far as cleansing your skin is concerned, this bar is amazing. It has a fantastic lather, a wonderful scent and it really does deep clean your skin!!! It is also incredibly moisturizing. I have horrible, dry skin and this left even me feeling super soft. Plus the clean, unisex scent is perfect for you, your guy, or your best girlfriend.

My Favorite Thing About the Item:
I love how soft my skin is after showering with this awesome mud bar!!!

My Least Favorite Thing About the Item:
It made me a little sticky while showering, but as soon as I dried off that 'sticky' feeling disappeared and I was left with super soft skin!!!

Would I Recommend This Item?
Without a doubt, YES!!!

Price/Purchase Info:
Dead Sea Mud Bar, $7.50 from Young Soap,

*picture shown of the dead sea mud bar courtesy of youngsoap

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Jenni said...

Thanks for the great review, Kimberly! I'm so glad you liked it!